We're good for Business and the enviroment.

We make it simple for companies to minimize the potential negative impact waste can have on the environment, resources, and your bottom line by looking for ways to eliminate all types of waste while increasing your operational efficiency.

Your complete waste solution partner

We create a customized waste management plan for every client. No two plans are the same, because only a unique plan will meet your unique needs.

Every client receives the same high-quality service and can expect us to deliver.


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Consolidated invoicing

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Waste audits and assessments

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24-hour support

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Secured product destruction

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All waste equipment

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A dedicated GreenSpace Waste Manager

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Temporary services

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Onsite Training

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Monthly waste reporting and diversion rates 


Let us focus on our business --- waste --- so you can focus on yours. If you would like additional information about GreenSpace, visit the contact us pate or call us toll-free at 1-866-861-6164

Electronic Waste

E-waste should be properly handled during recycling and disposal.  All the equipment received through GreenSpace, is completely shredded at approved industrial recycling sites, and more than 95 per cent of these materials are recovered for reuse.

Solid Waste

GreenSpace is one of Canada’s largest growing Waste Management Companies.  We currently operate in all provinces and have begun our expansion throughout the rest of North America.  Waste haulers compete for our overall business and we pass these savings on to our clients.  We have a great relationship with these business partners and can assure your company that they are receiving the best possible rate as well as the custom service required for your business.


Both the ferrous and non-ferrous markets are highly competitive and volatile. GreenSpace’s success in metal recycling is attributed to the trading expertise and skills of our dedicated team. Through our buying power we can assure you the best possible rates on all metals that are in need of recycling on behalf of your company.

Hazardous Materials

A variety of options and suggestions for storing, collecting, removing, disposing and processing of your liquid & solid industrial waste streams are available.


We handle everything from small volume pump-outs to tanker loads of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Our service program includes both regularly scheduled maintenance and "call in" maintenance requests.


Create additional revenue through your recycling initiatives.  Through the dynamic cardboard recycling programs designed by GreenSpace, we offer several options to meet your cardboard recycling needs. The program is custom designed to maximize rebates corresponding to the product and volume your facility creates.


With a variety of services available, GreenSpace  can assist plastic producers in securing an extra source of income generated from unusable plastics. To find out more information, contact us now!


Styrofoam constitutes roughly 30% of the total plastic waste that gets dumped in our landfills and in the oceans. Health officials nationwide are now beginning to see the danger of styrofoam leaching toxins into food, and environmentalists point at the carcinogenic substances released into the atmosphere when styrofoam is burned.  GreenSpace now has a way of recycling this material.  We have seen significant cost reductions with our current clients who are using this program.  Please contact us if you would like information about this great program.

Paper (Secured Document Destruction)

Protecting your reputation and your information with a shredding service program that meets your current and changing business needs. These are the advantages of having GreenSpace as your document destruction partner.  Through National Programs and agreements, we ensure you have the best service as well as the best possible rates.